Spectral AgriVentures
A More Sustainable Future

Vision & Innovation

Spectral built its supply chain around existing 100+ year businesses, enabling us to hit the ground running in several complementary verticals, each of which contributes to our vision: local food production and economic development, food security and safety, and carbon reduction.

Bringing fresh food to mass market retail at an affordable price

Spectral’s project brings better quality food to consumers, helps local farmers grow their businesses, and makes an endless supply of local produce available to Canada’s national retailers

Strategic Partners

Spectral AgriVentures has partnered with industry leaders to create a local, reliable, and sustainable food supply chain

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green automation
GGS Structures

About Us

Spectral is creating a new food production system by giving local farmers access to Canada’s national grocers. Greenhouse grown farm-to-market fresh foods year-around for Canadian consumers.

What Spectral Brings To The Table

Local food production is necessary for carbon reduction, economic development, and Canadian food security

Carbon Reduction

Our first 30 greenhouses will eliminate 48,800 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, or 16.3 million km of trucking imports to Canada


Replacing imports with local produce creates new jobs and economic growth, and helps small farmers to grow their businesses

Farm To Market

Local, sustainable production made available to mass market grocers provides healthier, tastier, fresher, and safer produce for all Canadians

Food Security

Local food production protects Canada from climate change, pandemics, importing plant disease (E. coli, salmonella, listeria...), and supply chain interruptions